Why I started blogging again.

Before the craze of social media, I blogged.  I loved writing. Although I don’t claim to be a great writer, watch you’ll see.  Then social media hit, which I consider micro blogging, and my blogging slowed down and eventually altogether stopped.  However, I am picking it back up for several reasons.  

1. New Seasons. This past year I entered into a new season as our family moved from 12Stone Church in Atlanta, Georgia to Journey Christian Church in Orlando, Florida.  New seasons call us to do new things and I have been sensing for a while that this is what God is calling me to do.

2. I love coaching! Over the past couple years God has enlarged my heart to come alongside hungry leaders and help them in anyway that I can. I love teaching, preaching, sharing, communicating and just about anything that involves helping others experiencing God, and reach their full potential.

3. My insecurities.  Over the years, I have seen God do absolutely incredible things. The more He did the more I bragged on Him. However, sometimes I felt like if I was bragging on God or on the ministry that I would be coming off as bragging about myself (since I was the leader of that ministry).

This created insecurity about what I posted on social media and eventually I just stopped sharing ministry stuff altogether. If you look at my social media over the past couple years, you will see the heavy majority of it is my family not the ministry.  That is not bad by any means, but I know God is calling me to share more what He is doing.  

I don’t know what God has in store with this blog.  All I know is that Psalm 107:2 says,

“If the Lord has redeemed you, then say so.”  

God has indeed redeemed me, 1,000 times over.  He has been so good to me and from this point on I choose to no longer hoard the goodness of God in my life.  Instead, I will share and expose the answered prayers, miracles, and stirrings God is doing in me.

“May He increase, and may I decrease.”  John 3:30


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